Why Archive?
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Affordable Transfers & Recovery

Did you know that your taped home movies, cassettes, and floppy disks only have a standard shelf life of about 20 years?

We can transfer your most treasured memories on tape, scan photos to high-quality digital images, and recover data from obsolete computer formats.

Jaycie's Archival Services offers affordable media transfers, scanning, and data recovery services for the Omaha, Nebraska metro area. Local pickup and dropoff are available.

Why Archive?

Data Rot: For many of these formats, time is running out. Tapes or Floppy Disks stored improperly may become unreadable after only 10 or 15 years.

Ease of Access: Who has the time to plug in their 20 year old camcorder into the TV and watch through hours of tapes, or sort through hundreds of photos? Digital copies can be easily browsed and will never lose quality.

Professional Service: Leave it to a local, experienced professional to keep your memories safe. Your materials will be transferred in the highest possible digital quality while staying affordable.

Service Details

Supported Formats:

Video: VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, Beta, Super Beta, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, DV, MiniDV.

Audio: Compact Cassette.

Scanning: 35mm & 16mm Negatives, Printed Photos/Polaroids, 35mm Slides, Documents.

Digital: 5.25" & 3.5" Floppy Disks, Hard Drives, SSDs, CD, DVD.

Storage Options:

Google Drive: Online high-capacity Google Drive storage for your archived media is provided free of charge and can be shared to an unlimited number of Google accounts.

USB Stick: All archived material can be provided on 16GB USB Stick(s) which can be used in any PC with a USB port.

DVD: Video material can be transferred directly to DVD to watch in any standard DVD player or PC.


The following constitutes our baseline rates. For bulk deals and format-specific rates, please contact us for a quote.

$20 for first 2 hours, $0.20 for every subsequent minute.*

$10 for first hour, $0.10 for every subsequent minute.*

$0.50 per photo.
$0.25 per document.

$2 per floppy disk or CD/DVD.
$100 per Hard Drive or SSD.

* Covers entire order.


If you're within the Omaha metro area, having your material picked up at your home is an option! Pickup/dropoff is the preferred option, and is free.


Shipping your material to us is also an option. Shipping prices will be charged using USPS Media Mail rates.

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For further details on pricing, pickup/dropoff times, or a quote, send us a message using the provided form or on our Facebook page!

If you have already used our services, feel free to leave a review!